People who have different religions and world views have lived culture of variety within the border of this fertile land which merges three rivers' branches by sharing the same region where big civilizations struck root throughout its six thousand years long history. It is a region, Kelkit Valley , constituted of proud people who are sharing countless traditions formed and enriched by this virgin nature and treasure of culture, Kelkit River basin is calling the people shouldering the responsibility of this unique inheritance.

Kelkit River Basin understood what it has lost not by "thinking" but by "seeing". It has "seen" that the values, which we are consuming without any caution, are being lost without return. Kelkit River Basin will continue to put its effort to have the region reach to the right results by being the element that connects the generations to each other and protects the values.

Our vision is to do all the work through activities bringing money in respect of justice, decreasing migration, diminishing the developmental inequality between regional and territorial averages, providing sustainable development built on the financial, cultural, natural and production-based values as soon as possible in Kelkit Region; to make it accomplished and to cooperate with public and private foundations on this target.

Residents and governors of Kelkit Region established Kelkit Platform and then Kelkit Region Developmental Union for avoiding the destruction of Kelkit River and for the sake of its abundance.

The shining site Kelkit Region has a green future from now on. Let us look after Kelkit's Region as it has enough food to feed and has so much tales and legends to tell you.

It is for sure that we, the people, will witness a Kelkit Region which produces more and better, continually increases products' added value, strengthens manpower, perpetuates NATURE-HISTORY-CULTURE and HUMAN cooperation. If the residents can come together for activating the progress, they will succeed in achieving this goal. No one ever doubts that.


Chairman Serif YILMAZ Governor of Tokat
Manager Seçkin CEYLAN Assistant Secretary of Tokat City Governor Administrative Structure
Accountant Muhlis YEŞİLYURT General Secretary of Tokat City Governor Administrative Structure
Council Member Mustafa KÖKLÜ Tokat City Parliament Member
Council Member Abdullah KÜRKÇÜ Giresun City Parliament Member
Council Member Ahmet SAPÇI Tokat City Parliament Member
Council Member Mevlüt ALBAYRAK Akıncılar Mayor
Council Member Serif AYGÜN Köse Mayor
Council Member Vezir DUMANLI Refahiye Mayor
Assessment Officer Mahmut KAYHAN General Secretary of Sivas Private Administration
Head of the Editorial Office Bülent TÜREM Tokat City Governor Administrative Structure
Data Operator
Personnel Konca YÜCER Environmental Engineer
Personnel Rahime NALÇA Environmental Engineer



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